Uber for Builders: The Totally Necessary Revolution in Construction

Because who wouldn't want a random, unvetted builder showing up at their door?

The Uber for Builders Experience

Construction worker in an Uber
  1. Download the Uber for Builders app (not available on any app store)
  2. Enter your location, and we'll find the closest builder who hasn't been banned yet
  3. Choose a builder based on their star rating (anything above 1 star is a bonus)
  4. Watch in horror as they arrive at your doorstep, ready to "build" your dreams

Testimonials (that are totally real)

Person laughing

"My house is only slightly lopsided. Thanks, Uber for Builders!"

Person facepalming

"I used to have a roof. Now I have a beautiful view of the sky. 10/10 would recommend."

Person looking skeptical

"I mean, what could possibly go wrong? It's not like my house could collapse or anything."

Affiliate Products You Just Can't Live Without

Insta-Foundation Spray

Insta-Foundation Spray!

Because who needs a solid foundation anyway?

FAQs (that no one asked for)

Is this a real service?

Of course not! But isn't it fun to imagine the chaos?

Can I actually buy these products?

No, but we're sure someone out there is working on something equally ridiculous.

Why did you create this site?

For the lolz, obviously.